New York Bluegrass and Old Time music Scene

old photos!!!

send me a cool NY area bluegrass or old time music photo to post


photo sent by Marty Cutler, of the Wretched Refuse Big Band, c.1978, photo by Alan Weiss


New Jersey's own Gene Lowinger(fiddle) with Bill Monroe


Washington Sq. reunion, 2005


Richard Greene and Marc Horowitz in the park, c. 1965

(photo by photo by Jeannie Myers)


Roger Sprung, 1950s (Weegee?)

New York's own Marty Laster(fiddle) Ezra Black on guitar and some kid named Bela on banjo c. 1975(?)


also check out...



Anybody got any other old photos(pre-1990) of NY area string band players that they want to post here? Send them to

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